Episode 80: Maximizing Your Virtual and Social Engagement

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Chris Martin, former social media manager. During their conversation they discuss creating a long-term strategy for social media.

Best Quotes

“The entire Internet is social, not just the social media apps that come to mind.”

“How we use the social Internet is revealing about who we are and what we’re like.”

“One of the pitfalls we fall into is seeing online church as a sort of replacement for incarnational in-person church.”

“I’ve seen churches use the social Internet to create community, even though it may be a full substitution right now, they understand it’s not the same.”

“Because a lot of people just don’t understand social media statistics and how they are counted, I saw a lot of folks in ministry playing up numbers, caring too much about how many people watched the video.”

“I think Facebook is the most important social media platform in the world. It is that way because a third of the world – at least a billion people a month – are using Facebook.”

“When it comes to a church staff connecting with people, Facebook is probably the most effective use of your time.”

“I like to think of the Facebook page as a front porch for your church.”

“Continue to see digital ministry as supplemental not substitutional.”

Chris Martin just finished a 7-year tenure with Lifeway, where he served in several roles, lastly as the Social Media Manager for Lifeway and the General Editor for Lifeway Voices.  He now works for Moody Publishers, where he helps create products and content alongside the trade books that Moody Publishes.

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Follow Chris on Twitter:  @chrismartin17