Episode 81: Generosity Strategy of Propel Church

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Nick Newman, Lead Pastor at Propel Church in Mount Pleasant, NC. During their conversation they discuss generosity ministry in the different stages of a church plant and how to start something you can build upon year after year.

Best Quotes

“When it comes to generosity in a church plant, there are four things: training, networking, actual funding, and then team building.”

“What you have to figure out early on is what works for where you are, but build the process for a few stages ahead in the game.”

“How am I preparing for the church to be financially stable after the wedding day?”

“Outside support for a church plant should always be supplemental not the source of your sustainability.”

“You need to prep your church early for the future.”

“Every single time you open God’s word is the opportunity to share vision.”

“As pastors and leaders, we have to do a better job of not making money so hard to talk about.”

“I wanted to teach our church financial principles that were biblically sound, but helped them understand that increase in the right way is biblical and that you’ve been blessed to be a blessing.”

“God doesn’t mind when you have stuff, but He minds when stuff has you.”

“What we consistently teach is equal sacrifice not equal giving.”

“Money talks will only be as awkward as you make them.”

Nick Newman is the founder and Lead Pastor of Propel Church in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. He is the author of Bridge the Gap, a book designed to help communicators deliver sermons that lead to conversion rather than confusion. Nick also serves numerous organizations and pastors by helping them live better and lead better through coaching.

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