Episode 83: Using Big Data to Inform Generosity Strategy

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Andrew Esparza, the founder of Kingdom Analytics. During their conversation they discuss the topic of big data and how it can be leveraged for kingdom good.

Best Quotes

“As humans we tend to fear the things we don’t understand.”

“When we are working with churches, the first thing we want to do is define who is our community.”

“We look at the demographics of the community and compare those to the congregation.”

“When someone is walking into our door for the first time, how can we give them the best guest experience?”

“A lot of church plants want to know what the community they are going into looks like and how they can prepare.”

“About 80% of the churches we work with, the congregation tends to have a higher income than the community.”

Voted a Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leader for 2020, Andrew Esparza comes from a background in the Themed Entertainment Industry. After traveling to over 50 countries he has gained an “eye” on the world and is able to approach projects from a big picture perspective. Andrew founded a virtual tourism company that utilizes aerial photography to capture immersive video. He has worked for companies that have designed and built everything from “tiny houses” to theme parks. He also has experience in the church world working for the largest high school ministry in the country at North Point Community Church. Andrew previously worked on the Real Estate & Design side of Visioneering Studios working on projects with budgets from $60K – $160 million. Andrew is the founder Kingdom Analytics, a company that has had the opportunity to help well over 300 Churches, Schools, Non-Profits, and Businesses better connect and understand their community, congregation, student families, or customers using advanced demography research and their unique access to 1000s of data points on nearly every American household. Andrew’s focus is in using creative problem solving and data to produce unique and memorable guest experiences.

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