Episode 84: GoFundMe, Facebook, and Giving Tuesday Giving Strategies

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Michael Baker, the lead digital fundraising strategist at iDonate. During their conversation they discuss peer-to-peer fundraising and how to navigate it.

Best Quotes

“The more we can make it easier for the donor, the more likely they are to convert and actually give a gift.”

“Crowd funding campaigns are for something very specific. Everybody is driving to one particular page and there is one overall goal.”

“In a peer-to-peer campaign I want it to be for a unique cause, but I am going to invite individual members of the church to create a page.”

“Both of these models succeed best when leadership gets involved.”

“In 2019, Giving Tuesday raised $511 million dollars online.”

“The thing that makes Giving Tuesday campaigns work for nonprofits and churches is a deadline, a specific goal, and a matching gift.”

“We can’t assume that anybody hears our message the first time. We have to say it again and again and we have to say it on a lot of different channels.”

Michael Baker has been in the fundraising business for 17 years. He has worked for several agencies serving faith-based non-profits and has worked for World Vision US. He is passionate about helping non-profits reach their potential and impacting the world around them. Michael lives in the Dallas area with his wife and 4 children.

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