Episode 86: Guaranteed Facebook Strategies for Small Churches

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Chris Abbott, President of Church Growth Agency and former Marketing and Creative Director at Guts Church and Guts Church Network. During their conversation, they discuss using social media for outreach and impact.

Best Quotes

“Social media is meant to be social. It’s about having a conversation.”

“Remember, whenever you are writing your Facebook ad and talking to a potential visitor, it’s really important to put them at the center of the story.”

“Features are about you, benefits are about them.”

“If you want to stand out in the news feed and not add to the noise, then you have to answer questions people are actually asking.”

“Facebook is constantly changing the algorithm to be able to serve people better.”

“Your goal is some kind of hook that gets people to stop scrolling in their newsfeed.”

“Tell them the action you want them to take.”

“The best thing to do with your church is to drop a pin on your church, draw a radius out for whatever driving distance is for your church, and then write that ad to one person.”

“If you say more than one thing, you say nothing at all.”

“Go all in on what you are good at.”

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