The Money Challenge Book Review

Pastor, if you are looking for an easy to use, person friendly, church-wide tool to help people get in the game of tackling their finances with God’s wisdom, then The Money Challenge by Art Rainer might just be your solution. Not everyone is ready to jump into the deep end of a 12-week personal money […]

VLOG: The Genius of Generosity

In Genius of Generosity, pastor and author Chip Ingram provides motivation and practical application from Scripture to help each of us grow towards a life of greater giving. The Genius of Generosity Guide

Book Review: Capital Campaign Playbook: An Insider Look At A Church Consultant’s Game Plan

  Church leaders finally have a resource they can use when preparing for, and potentially leading a capital campaign. Greg Gibbs book, Capital Campaign Playbook, is a must read prior to your church launching such a massive effort. For a little personal perspective, before becoming the Director of Lifeway Generosity I was in the capital […]

Overflow Book Review

One of my missions is to help church leaders understand the difference between stewardship and generosity. Both are great subjects that need to be addressed, but the strategies and outcomes are very different. Unfortunately, it is easy to have a limited perspective on the reach of both subjects. Simply put, stewardship is the practice of […]

Never Enough Book Review

Recently I enjoyed reading Ron Blue’s newest release, Never Enough. Ron has been an anchor voice in Christian financial stewardship for the past several decades. For me personally, the three founding voices of stewardship ministry have been Howard Dayton, Larry Burkett, and Ron Blue. Never Enough is a critical tool for pastors along with its […]