Episode 72: How Generosity Personally Affects Us

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Kevin Washburn, founder of Clerestory Learning. During their conversation they discuss powerful principles in unlocking personal generosity. Best Quotes “Clerestory Learning emerged from my passion for teaching and learning, specifically my interests in curriculum and instruction.” “Stories not only engage and inform us. […]

Episode 62: Millennials Radical Approach to Money and Generosity

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by John Cortines, co-author of God and Money and True Riches, and COO of Generous Giving. During their conversation they discuss how John’s life purpose was unexpectedly and radically changed. Best Quotes “God took a couple of knuckleheads with really bad theologies of money […]

Vlog: 5 Steps to Grow Joy-Filled Generosity

Second Corinthians 9:7 says, “Each person should do as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or out of compulsion, since God loves a cheerful giver.” Pastor, I’m sure you’ve heard and given sermons on this verse about being a cheerful giver. You probably know that the greek word refers to being beyond cheerful, […]

6 Reasons Why Churches Should Teach About Money

How often does your church teach about money? For some churches, the answer is rarely or never. The topic is avoided. Some churches contain the topic of money to a single sermon series, only to return to the topic 365 days later. If messages hitting on money are rare or totally absent at your church, […]

5 Keys to Speaking Positively About Generosity During COVID-19

Pastors are beginning to see what may be in the future when it comes to resourcing vision. Even those churches that are debt free with months of expenses in liquid cash reserves are concerned about their financial futures. After watching scores of worship services online, I would like to offer some encouragement and coaching to […]

7 Keys to a Strong Offering Time During an Online Service

I’m inspired by how the local church is responding to this new COVID-19 ministry season. At first it was unsettling as we walked through the reaction stage two weeks ago. Pastor after pastor was going live and communicating a brand new plan as changes were being forced upon us in uncontrollable ways. Then we moved […]

How To Talk About Giving So People Won’t Tune You Out

Money is one of the most prominent life topics, so why are church leaders so shy to broach the subject? Just peruse the internet for the biggest headlines and you will discover topics like the economy, government waste, Wall Street roller coaster, countless articles on how to earn money quick and easy, or how to […]

Vlog: Deficit Thinking is Dangerous

One of the most dangerous killers of generosity in the local church is deficit thinking. It can sound like we are doing something great by protecting our people or protecting our budget. But when we say we are not going to celebrate those who have the spiritual gift of generosity or that we aren’t going […]