Our Complicated History With Church Money

Many pastors tell me they hate fundraising. I think there’s a legitimate reason for that. You see, the call of the pastor is to cast, carry, and shepherd the vision of the church. Meanwhile, it seems that the call of the fundraiser is to merely collect funds when resources are low. It can then be […]

Chasing Wrong Financial Goals

If I were to list the most common financial goals that are often repeated across the nation in financial small groups, seminars, and sermons, I am confident I know the two that are listed the most. One is a goal most pastors dream of, and the other is a dream held by those in the […]

Why Tithing May Not Be As Generous as You Think

Not sure if the title of this blog is shocking to a reader or not, but let’s dive into the topic of tithing and generosity. We’ll define our terms, then we will look into a few Scriptures, and conclude with some applications. Defining Generosity & Tithing By definition, a tithe is a tenth part of […]

Episode 88: The Most Important Giving Stats that No One Is Measuring

In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Rob Dupree and Michael Baker are joined by Meagan Brown, former pastor of stewardship. During their conversation, they discuss important statistical trends in giving. Best Quotes “Numbers tell a story and they mean something to God.” “Numbers help us look at things through a navigational lens of where […]

Vlog: Million Dollar Ready

There was a study done a few years ago called, “Million Dollar Ready.” It studied the nonprofits that were able to receive and above average amount of million dollar gifts. Here are a few tips from that study: 1. Your church is able to receive transformative giving. 2. Your leaders matter. 3. Excellence matters. 4. […]

Vlog: Dangerous Tipping Point

I want to alert you to a dangerous tipping point that statistics are telling us the church just hit in this recent giving year. For decades the church has received the largest part of contributions when it comes to the entire pie of charitable giving in the United States. However, for the first time since […]

Episode 47: How Can a Pastor Fix His Own Finances, So He Can Lead With More Confidence?

Note: As we wrap up 2020, we will be revisiting our most popular podcasts of the year. This week we will start with our discussion with Gary Montgomery. In this episode of the Generosity Podcast, Todd McMichen is joined by Gary Montgomery, Executive Director of Compass-Kentucky. During their conversation, they discuss helping pastors move beyond […]

Common Financial Goals of Retiring Pastors

About three to five years prior to a pastor retiring, he usually starts thinking about what he wants to get completed before he walks out of the office on his very last day. Surprisingly enough finances tend to come into focus both personally and for the church. Here are the four major conversations I have […]