Seven Giving Messages from Genesis

Preaching on the topic of money in a healthy way can be one of the most challenging topics pastors ever address. The sermon topics can range from either pressuring people to give more (because the church has a need) to fighting workaholism (because the pursuit of money is wrong). In between these two extremes is […]

3 Examples of Great Church Giving Pages and Why Your Church Website Matters More Than Ever

Over the past week and a half, our team has onboarded over a thousand new churches onto Generosity by Lifeway. As we have set up so many churches with digital giving, we wanted to highlight three of our churches and their giving pages that we celebrate as best practices: 1. Propel Church WHAT WE LIKE […]

VLOG: Financial vs. Serving Generosity

Most pastors believe there is a difference between financial and serving generosity. However, the majority of congregational members view them as interchangeable.

VLOG: What Is A Generosity Ministry?

Listen as Todd McMichen explain what a generosity ministry is.

Spontaneous Generosity Is A Thing

It is not uncommon for pastor’s to teach and preach towards two specific types of giving. The descriptive terms often used are “percentage giving” and “planned giving.” Both of these speak toward the habit, discipline, duty, and often sacrifice of generosity. I personally practice both percentage and planned giving. They are really helpful to living […]

VLOG: The Generosity Crisis Part 3

Todd shares where can you find the resources to help equip the church to respond to the generosity crisis. The Generosity Crisis Part 3 will address the technology, leadership, and discipleship opportunities and where you can find those resources.

Retiring Old Generosity Plays

Let’s list the plays church leaders often run when a giving increase is needed. You may be familiar with some of these. Maybe you have even run a few in your day. Here is a list in no particular order. Three Year Capital Campaign Budget Pledge Drive Special Offering Sunday (Prove The Tithe, I Love […]

Gifts That Make God Smile

Autumn Joy toddled across the room and stood at the edge of my laptop-centered view. I was in task mode typing away in my living room recliner. With Shirley Temple-like curls bouncing around her face, my eighteen-month-old daughter looked up at me. I looked at her. Then she handed me a Plastic Donut from her […]