Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have recently begun serving clients in Great Britain with online giving integrated directly into the website, and are projected to be serving clients in Canada by Q4 of this year.  We are adding the capability to serve numerous other countries each year.
As of today, we are not yet able to support digital giving within US Territories outside of the continental United States.  We’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to let us know where you are from and how we may serve you in the future.

Our Mobile App is free and does not require a website. Also, for organizations without a website, we provide a webpage for giving, events, and crowdfunding at no additional cost.

This is an opportunity for givers to give vehicles, jewelry, stocks, retail gift cards, and more. It provides the means to give when a monetary gift is not an option. Now givers can give almost anything at anytime. Lifeway handles the liquidation work and your organization receives the profit.

Yes, we offer breach insurance up to $150,000.

Yes, your banking information is tokenized and encrypted using a state-of-the-art system developed and stored through Spreedly, a Tier 1, PCI-compliant organization that takes great care to keep your information secure.

There are literally thousands of generosity resources available to the church today. For your convenience, Generosity by Lifeway has curated these resources and coupled them with all the tools and expertise of a full-time Generosity Pastor to help you make generous disciples.

Giving by credit card provides an opportunity for those who don’t carry cash or a checkbook to participate in the joy of giving. Making giving fun, easy, and convenient is extremely important if you want to unleash giving. Also, Generosity by Lifeway provides the option for givers to include the transaction cost in their donation.

Our system has proprietary software that automatically imports and details each charge in the backoffice.

No, there are actually 6 channels (online, text, app, noncash, crowdfunding, and events) for modern givers. Most churches are only utilizing one or maybe two. Generosity by Lifeway unleashes all modern digital giving channels.

Yes, there are actually three ways we integrate: prebuilt, export/import, or a web hook.

No, most are focused on conducting a transaction with little thought to the fun, ease, and convenience of the giver. Our platform is giver focused and embeds directly into your website.