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Darron LaMonte Edwards

Andy Brown

United Believers Community Church

"I found Generosity by LifeWay more impactful than just an app on a smart phone. For me, it has been a smart choice. It has provided me with techniques and tools so desperately needed in order to have the confidence to passionately develop a culture of generous disciples."

First Baptist Church Newnan

"Generosity by LifeWay has given us a great opportunity to encourage our people to be more generous! It's been a great change from our previous provider. We moved to Generosity because they are going above and beyond to serve churches beyond just offering a digital giving platform."

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We believe that growing discipleship is the key to leading a generous church. We have leveraged years of expertise in one convenient place to provide you with all the tools, support, and resources you will need to unleash giving through your own generosity culture.