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This ebook is going to tackle what is potentially the most serious financial issue facing a church’s future generosity health. How are we growing the next generation of givers? We will first seek to understand this generation better.

This e-book will help you...

  • Understand that people are donating more funds to charitable causes than ever!
  • Every generation is living generously in both similar and unique ways.
  • There has never been a better time to lead a generosity ministry than today!

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Generosity by LifeWay offers the most comprehensive solution at the lowest price. Here's exactly what your paying:

- 2.69% + $.30 flat transaction fee for all major credit/debit cards 

- $0.30 per transaction for eCheck

 - $20.00 monthly fee to the payment processor for an account and breach protection 

Unleash the following channels of digital giving available to today’s giver:Online, Text, App, Noncash, Crowdfunding, and Events!

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We believe that growing discipleship is the key to leading a generous church. We have leveraged years of expertise in one convenient place to provide you with all the tools, support, and resources you will need to unleash giving through your own generosity culture.