Helping The Lead Discipler Talk About Money

Money is an interesting topic. Everybody wants it, yet it tends to create so much stress. Example, payday feels great, but bill day does not. You might find yourself lying awake at night worrying about how you are going to a pay a medical bill or find yourself in pure joy watching your child rush […]

Generosity Reset Reflection

Generosity Reset is a helpful ebook produced by our friends at Generous Church. It is the single best summary I am aware of, regarding the mindset shift needed moving from a fundraising plan to disciple-making in the local church. It seems like an obvious and natural shift. However, after decades of little talk about money […]

When A Resource Surplus Is Normal

Let’s begin with an assumption. Every church should, as a norm, experience a continual surplus of resources. Financial shortage, stress, or cut backs should not be normal. Actually, the only time a church should experience a shortage of resources is during times of uncontrollable crisis like a devastating storm or significant economic downfall. A normal […]