Vision for a Stewardship Ministry

Stewardship ministries are quickly popping up across the country. Recently, I was at an event dedicated to the craft of stewardship with over 100 staff coordinators and volunteers. It was an exciting experience to see so many pioneers in the room. Stewardship ministries have several challenges to gaining lift. First, there are very few models. […]

Every Church Needs a Stewardship Pastor

Recently, I was at a conference in which I heard multiple references stating, “Every church needs a Stewardship Pastor.” This got me thinking about how every church could actually accomplish such a goal. In terms of return on investment, this is one ministry that a proper emphasis actually should easily pay for itself and then […]

Never Enough Book Review

Recently I enjoyed reading Ron Blue’s newest release, Never Enough. Ron has been an anchor voice in Christian financial stewardship for the past several decades. For me personally, the three founding voices of stewardship ministry have been Howard Dayton, Larry Burkett, and Ron Blue. Never Enough is a critical tool for pastors along with its […]