Generosity by LifeWay Coaching:Unleash giving in your church by implementing the Generosity Cycle

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✔ Grow in confidence as a generosity leader

✔ Craft a working generosity theology

✔ Plot specific growth paths for all types of givers

✔ Help your people practice generosity in all areas of life

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Begin Here: Launch

Foundational Practices Module 1: Believe

Foundational Practices Module 2: Lead

Use our helpful templates and tutorials to craft compelling messages and e-mails announcing your new digital giving platform to your church.

Learn what the Generosity Cycle is and begin searching the Bible to uncover its generosity promises. Discover your current generosity views by analyzing your language, develop your generosity beliefs through Scripture, and deliver a working Generosity Theology.

Bring your team into the process and learn how to lead your generosity culture together. Discover opportunities for you and your leadership team to grow in personal generosity and stewardship, develop a working knowledge of where resources flow in and out of your church and deliver actionable yearly goals to get the most ROI.

Foundational Practices Module 3: Teach

Foundational Practices Module 4: Practice

Foundational Practices Module 5: Celebrate

Unite your leadership team with a plan to teach generosity by utilizing every ministry in your church. Discover opportunities for every individual to grow in generosity, develop a knowledge of the Generosity Pathway and the Generosity Hub, deliver discipleship plans for each type of giver in your church.

It’s time to start practicing generosity. Discover opportunities to help your people practice what they’ve been learning, develop tangible vision that will serve as an engaging mission everyone can participate in, and deliver messages that will inspire your congregation to begin instilling their generosity habits.

It’s time to party. Discover how you’re currently celebrating impactful moments, develop ways to celebrate generosity throughout the entire year, and deliver memorable events that celebrate encouraging stories meant to inspire your people to continue making a difference through generosity.

Foundational Practices Module 6: Thank


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Express your appreciation for the generosity you’ve seen. Discover where you’re currently showing gratitude and opportunities where you could show it more, develop a plan to thank everyone in every giving stage, deliver personalized appreciation to givers and volunteers that will resonate.

Once the cycle has become culture, it is time to lean into the future. Funding the vision, global impact, and capital opportunities will arise. Help people live big lives, leaving a lasting mark. Everyone dreams of a legacy. Let’s help create them.

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